What Happened to American RnB Girl Grous of the 90’s?

Back in the early 90s rnb girl groups such as Swv, En Vogue, Xscape, Jade, & Brownstone were running the game in rnb music. but the biggest girl group of them all was Destiny child’s. We take a trip back to memory lane to see what happened to all of our American rnb girl groups from the 90s.

Best Rnb American Girl Groups over the years







Kut Klose

kut Klose



Changing Face

changing faces





Destiny Child

destiny childs

Why Some Of Our Rnb Girl Groups Are No Longer Together Anymore

702 released their third and final album ‘’Star,’’ on 25th March 2003. After having successful hits such as ‘’Steelo’’,  ‘’ You Don’t Know’’, ‘’Where My Girls At.’’  The group decided to call it quits, lead singer Kameelah Williams left the group as she and the girls weren’t getting on anymore, and they had a lot of internal issues in the group.

Zhane released their second and final album ‘’ Saturday Night’’. Before splitting up in 1999 to pursue solo efforts.

Destiny Childs released their last album ‘’Destiny Fulfilled’.’ on 14th November 2004. They announced their break up in 2005, to pursue solo careers.

At the moment there isn’t any new American rnb girl group out in the music scene. We really seem to be lacking in this area a lot, as a lot of groups have broken up and aren’t around anymore.

I definitely think there is a market for a new rnb girl group is on the horizon . It would be nice to see this in the near future.

Words By Shereece Thompson




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