Introduction: The Rich, The Poor and The Crazy

There has never been a more notorious gaming franchise than that of ‘Rockstars’ ‘Grand Theft Auto.’ Even if you have no interest in games whatsoever, you have most likely heard of GTA. The franchise has generated huge controversy by glamorising crime, sex and violence; it’s even said to have influenced several real life murders and violent crimes. That being said, it’s hard to imagine such a distasteful sounding game could be one of the most finely crafted forms of entertainment to have ever have been made. Grand Theft Auto 5 is a phenomenal game from start to finish.  


Presentation:  Drunks, Killers, Junkies and other proud Americans 

The City:

In Grand Theft Auto 5 you roam around the fictional Los Santos, a Los Angeles inspired city which will continue to impress you many hours into the game with its extreme attention to detail. Every character you run into on the street looks and sounds different, Los Santos is enormous with an almost infinite number of activities for you to do.

It genuinely feels like a real city, with crimes happening in the background, busy crowds in the main roads, characters having casual conversations you can hear as you walk past them. It is clear that a lot of thought and effort was put into making this game as genuine and as believable as it can possibly be.

The Story: 

In GTA 5 you play as 3 different characters who you can switch between at any point, each character has their own unique traits:

Michael is a retired career criminal with a family, looking to get back into the business of robbing banks. Franklin is a young, amateur criminal who looks towards Michael to transform him from “a 2 bit thug to a 3 bit thug.” Finally you have Trevor, who is simply crazy. You know how in the game you drive around beating up prostitutes, killing cops and robbing people on the street. Well if your actions formed into a person, that person would be Trevor, you just have to play as him to understand the irony of his character.


All three characters get together in a story that combines all 3 of their interests to form a very eventful and exciting story with tonnes of hilarious, dark and memorable moments, all combined with cleverly written satire of the current state of America.

Game play: I murdered 6 cops, ran a triathlon, met Jesus and it’s not even noon

Core gameplay:  

GTA 5 offers the same variety of missions which was offered by its predecessor. You have a good mix of missions which involve driving, stealing and killing all with interesting twists such as having to plant a bomb in a guy’s phone to blow his head off the next time you call him. While there are some missions which are better than others, GTA 5 does offer a total of 69 missions in its story, which just gets more challenging and fun.


The newest and most prominent part of GTA 5 would have to be the heist missions, there are only about 4 heist missions throughout the entire game but this is where GTA 5 really shines.  Instead of heading straight into a big mission you plan out how you would approach it. Do you want to rob a bank by entering the roof or through the front door? Do you want to take hostages or go for a quick getaway? The choice is yours.

Messing around:  

A lot of people buy GTA and don’t even bother with the mission, all they want to do is run around the city and just go crazy. Well I am pleased to report that there is so much more to do in GTA 5 then there was in GTA 4: Races, Assassinations, Triathlons, Sky Diving, Clubbing, Golf, Tennis, Stunts and even playing the stock markets. This is an incomplete list of what you can do in GTA 5. It’s very difficult to go from point A to point B without getting distracted by something happening in the background that you want to, and can, project yourself into.

Verdict: “All he does is play that damn game” – Michael in GTA V

This is pretty much what your friends and family will say once you start playing Grand Theft Auto V. Not only is it an absolutely fun game but it also brilliantly written. Simply put, it is one of the best video games ever made.


Words by Moizzul Kamali